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A New Voice Rises

Kerry Hilton, CEO, HCB Health

A new voice rises from HCB Health.

For nearly 20 years, HCB Health has been diving into the DNA of healthcare brands to help them find their unique style, personality, and most importantly, their purpose. We’ve done this by building a culture of listening to our customers and to our customers’ customers. During the lockdown of 2020, I started to step back and revisit HCB Health’s own brand. I spoke with clients to learn more about why they continue to choose us over and over again, some for more than a decade. A recurring theme began to unfold: “You gave us a voice unlike no other.”;“Our therapy has bravado, thanks to your work.”;“The strength of our brand is found in our voice.” It became apparent to me that we needed to amplify our strength of creating voices and bring it to life in a fresh way. I’m proud to showcase this in our new website at www.hcbhealth.com.

Every brand has a unique voice yearning to be discovered.

The agency was founded in 2001 in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas. This city is known as the live music capital of the world and is the home to the SXSW music festival and Austin City Limits. Bands from all over come here to present their unique sound and be discovered. Singers take the stage to propel their careers into the stratosphere. It’s no wonder that the theme, We Give Life-Changing Medicine a Voice, emerged from our agency rebranding. At HCB, we believe that brands shouldn’t lie around hoping that the right someone finds them. Great brands deserve to take center stage and belt out their song with boldness.

Long live Johnny Cash.

There will only be one Johnny Cash. One Elvis Presley, one Tina Turner, one James Brown. You get the point. While some voices come and go, the really powerful ones stay around forever. That’s because they worked hard at being different and standing out in ways never thought of before. At HCB Health, we might take a look at your new product and discover that it has the voice of a patient advocate sung with the guttural truth of Bruce Springsteen. Or that it has the voice of a category trailblazer with the confident, driving beat of Lil Nas X. Your voice could be that of a data-driven diva with the bravado of Ella Fitzgerald. Might sound a little crazy, but this approach has helped this agency look at launches in whole new ways.

The voice of your brand has endless possibilities waiting to be discovered

The essence of resonance.

If the voice of your brand doesn’t resonate with your audience, then you’re singing the wrong song in the wrong key. Pharmaceutical and medical device companies have spent decades and countless millions creating their life-changing products, but the process doesn’t stop there. Finding the brand’s voice is critical to the success of the launch. To get there, you’ll need to go through a process that digs deep into your soul and pulls it out of you. The Beatles had George Martin. Without Brian Wilson, the Beach Boys would have never given us Pet Sounds. That’s where HCB Health comes in. We’re one of the country’s foremost pharmaceutical agencies specializing in helping life-changing medicines stand out. Our passionate team is looking to collaborate with you to make your therapy the next big hit.

Give us a shout and let’s make powerful music together.

Kerry Hilton


(Whether your brand is hot funk, cool punk, even if it’s old junk, it’s still rock and roll to me.)

About Pablo Lobato, the artist who created HCB Health’s voice iconography.

Argentinian artist, Pablo Lobato, began his career as a graphic designer after studying design at the National University of La Plata in Argentina. For the first 5 years of his career, he created editorial design for magazines. He then shifted his focus to illustration. Since joining the Anna Goodson Illustration Agency, his illustration career has taken off. Lobato’s bold and colorful portraits capture his subjects with verve and vitality that keeps his fans wanting more. Whether Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner for The New Yorker, Alec Baldwin and Steve Harvey for the Village Voice, or Kobe Bryant and LeBron James for Nike, Lobato is front-page news.

Pablo Lobato at work in his studio in Buenos Aires

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