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Can Company Culture Transcend State Lines?

My name’s Anastasia. I’m a project manager in our Chicago office. Yup, that’s right, HCB occupies several locations in the states and I’m part of the Windy City Crew. That’s probably got you wondering … If these guys work in different states, can their culture of listening (and being work besties) transcend state lines? YOU BET. I’ve worked at HCB for almost four years and have gotten to know many Austin colleagues as well as if we were cube neighbors, which has taught me that nothing can stop you from forging friendships when you have modern technology at your fingertips.

How do long-distance friendships like this grow? Great question. Because, trust me, we know that, without face-to-face contact, making a bond can be tough. Well, I’ve noticed that it’s like having pen pals that you have to bug about work stuff all the time. A few questions about a project help grow familiarity, which then transitions to getting to know one another’s personalities, which then transitions to lovely conversations peppered with GIFs to convey reaction and emotion (since GIFs are obviously the best way to express oneself).

So yeah, we’re able to throw distance to the wayside and keep that culture of listening alive. Listening isn’t just what your ears do; it’s an act that spans countless mediums and methods of perception. Because HCBers have embraced the concept: Miles ain’t nothin’ but a number.

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