Staff Takes: What’s So Great About Austin?
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Staff Takes: What’s So Great About Austin?

With our offices in Austin and Chicago, HCB has a special appreciation for cities with spirit and a soul. We’ve got several Austin or Chicago natives on our staff, but just as many HCB employees are transplants from the Midwest, East or West Coast. With both cities continually growing and making lists of “best places to live in the US,” it’s no surprise that residents are passionate about their hometown. So, what’s so great about living in a place like Austin or Chicago? We will hear from the Chicago team later this month, but today we focus on HCB’s headquarters: Austin, Texas.

We asked a handful of our Austin employees:

What’s so great about Austin?

To me, living in Austin is so great because of all the different entertainment options available in or just outside of town. There’s a vibrant film community, amazing and evolving food options (including the best BBQ on the planet), flourishing comedy scene, great hiking and swimming spots, tons of creative local art/artists and, of course, the appreciation for live music that was such a huge part of why I moved here in the first place. Sometimes it feels like Austin has a disproportionate number of entertainment options given the size of the city. It just feels like we have all the spoils of a much bigger city but without the hassle that living in a larger city would require. Sure, the traffic is sucky and getting worse, but most of the stuff I love to do here in Austin is usually just a short drive or, if I’m lucky, walk away.

David Buck, Associate Media Director


Because it’s a city that cares! More non-profits and people supporting each other, animals, the environment, etc., than I have ever seen, anywhere! No group or cause is too small for Austin to care about, and it’s super easy to find something you’re interested in and get involved.

Alison Rominger, Account Supervisor


Barton Springs! Miles of running trails surrounding a beautiful lake in the middle of town! Lots of choices for live music every night of the week!

Susan Dore, Senior Art Buyer/Producer


It is the best of both worlds — you live in a city but can get outside and enjoy nature without ever leaving the city by popping over to the greenbelt, Zilker or Barton Springs. For me, it is a great combination of hustle and grind paired with rest and relaxation.

Becky Dreps, Account Supervisor

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