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An Oreo, a Deviled Egg and a Bloody Suit Walk Into an Office …

Hi guys! It’s me, your friendly HCB culture blogger! I’m back to talk to you about my all-time, hands-down, most-favorite holiday ever — Halloween. I LOVE Halloween. I mean, who doesn’t? You get to spend a whole month watching scary movies and then top it off by dressing up like a hotdog and then binge eating candy until you’re nauseous. IT’S THE BEST. And recently, I’ve learned that celebrating it in an office environment is actually a great way to gain some serious insight into your coworkers.

Here’s the secret:
Pay close attention to the costumes your coworkers wear.

Think back to yesterday … What was your favorite costume that a coworker wore? What made it your favorite? When I think about my favorite coworkers’ costumes, the things that make them my favorite are things like this: The Oreo over there by the standing desk? Her mom made that for her in first grade and she’s kept it ever since. The guy in the blood-soaked suit? He had an appointment to have blood drawn that morning and thought it would make the lab tech laugh. The deviled egg by the coffee pot? She always manages to wear the most hilarious costumes year after year and I’m constantly amazed that she makes them and secretly hope that one day she’ll make one for me.

OK, so I know what you’re thinking …
“Amber, get to the point!”

OMG were you really thinking that?? Next year I’m totally dressing up as a fortune teller.

Anyway, the point is that your coworkers’ costumes are windows into who these people are! The Oreo? She’s a caring, compassionate person who has an amazing relationship with her mom. The Deviled Egg? She’s creative, hilarious, and totally not afraid to put herself out there. The Bloody Suit? He’s funny, constantly looking for a way to make someone else’s day better and probably not a serial killer. That we know of.

All in all, your coworkers put a lot of themselves on display with their costumes and, if you pay close attention, you can really see what makes them the amazing people you always knew they were. And for the ones that didn’t wear costumes? Take ‘em out for drinks. An hour or two in and you’ll probably find out way more than you wanted to know.

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