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Medical Advertising Hall of Fame: Shining a Spotlight on the Youngsters

Since I was very young, I’ve had to psych myself up before standing up or speaking out. Traditionally an introvert, it took time to learn that expressing my opinion or seizing an opportunity isn’t scary—it’s empowering, and necessary for growth. Luckily, I work at an agency that helps me develop those skills.

I started at HCB as a copywriting intern almost three years ago, and from the first day, my coworkers have encouraged me to share my insights and ideas. After diving deep into brands, presenting to a dozen different clients, and taking on responsibility within the creative team, I now step forward fearlessly. This year, HCB leadership put forth my name as a Future Famer.

On February 7th, the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame recognized me along with my coworkers Garrett Stapp, senior account executive, and Anastasia Belchenko, project manager, as young individuals destined to leave their mark on the industry. We had the honor of attending the MAHF 23rd Annual Awards Ceremony in New York City to pick up our Future Famer awards and witness two inspirational women be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

These two women, Carol DiSanto and Charlene Prounis, are passionate, trailblazing leaders who championed the next generation of leaders. Listening to their stories while sitting next to my own CEO, Kerry Hilton, who championed us three youngsters, reaffirmed that I am in the right place to build my career. I’m excited to be part of an agency that cultivates the future of its employees.

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