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Seeing cancer in a unique way

An innovative visual approach can convey a brand’s message.

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Audience: Local cancer patients
What we did: New TV campaign

Texas Oncology has been a loyal client of HCB Health’s for eight years. By 2013, brand awareness was extremely high for the community-based cancer treatment provider, thanks in large part to our previous awareness campaign.

Research showed that some people weren’t convinced that Texas Oncology offers the same advanced technology as some of its famous competitors.

With an innovative new TV campaign, HCB set out to communicate that patients can get advanced cancer care in their local communities without having to travel to a larger city.

Consumer brand awareness increased from 24.7% to 52.9%. Call center volume and website traffic increased nearly 50% year over year. And the campaign delivered an approximate ROI of 4.5 to 1 (new patient revenue-to-ad media investment).