HCB Health WaveLight® Sales App

A powerful, portable sales tool

When the equipment you want to demo to surgeons isn’t portable, an iPad app can be the perfect solution.

at a glance

Audience: LASIK surgeons
What we built: An iPad sales application
Technology: Native iOS, Flash

With the launch of its WaveLight® Refractive Suite, Alcon wanted to build on the story of this advanced, integrated technology in a way that customers hadn’t experienced before.

Innovative technology meant we needed innovative tools to sell it. We wanted to deliver a tool that allowed reps to help surgeons experience the products (which were too large to physically travel) and that surgeons could download for further exploration.

We created native iOS iPad and Flash versions of an application that brings to life the features and functions of the WaveLight® Suite. Highlights of the app include interactive simulations, rich content including videos and animation, and a modular structure that makes adding new content easy.

Interviews with reps and surgeons reveal high ratings in both content and user experience, making it a go-to tool during sales conversations.