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Big boosts in surgeon advertising

We took a unique approach to break into direct-to-consumer advertising.

Sound Surgical Technologies (SST) is a device company on the fast track with a suite of products that employs ultrasound technology for smoother, safer liposuction — known as VASER® technology. SST was ready to try direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing to get more patients asking surgeons for VASER.

SST wanted to ease into patient marketing with VASER.

We developed a “value-add” practice performance approach, with advertising materials that practices could download to use in their marketing efforts. As a result, this mid-size manufacturer could give their surgical customers the ability to market to patients themselves with a unified campaign.

Since the campaign’s launch, 45% of SST’s surgeon customers have requested access to the campaign and marketing tools to use for their advertising. In 2011, the campaign received multiple creative awards, including a Med Ad News Manny Award for “Best Medical Device Campaign,” a Silver Rx award for “Best Consumer Print Campaign” and a Silver ADDY for “Best Consumer Print Campaign.”