HCB Health Teach Healthier App

Making healthier easier in Texas

We’re helping Texas kids, teachers and communities get moving with a first-of-its-kind health, fitness and nutrition app.

As more schools cut funding for health and PE classes, it was more important than ever for IT’S TIME TEXAS to expand its school health, nutrition and fitness program, and ensure future grant funding.

The existing program, while successful, was based on printed flashcards that were expensive to print and difficult to update. Even more difficult was accurate tracking of the cards’ use.

We designed a versatile, content-rich mobile application based on the existing flashcards. With the app’s trackable metrics and a custom built CMS, the IT’S TIME TEXAS team could easily update and add new material, evaluate user feedback and access real-time usage details for grant funding. The Teach Healthier app provides an efficient and cost-effective means to grow their critical health program.

The app launched in December 2014, and excitement among teachers, education administrators and community members is already growing.