HCB Health Salagen® Rebrand

Teaching an old brand new tricks

Salivation plus reliability equals … a Pavlovian ad campaign.

Salagen® enjoyed orphan drug status for the treatment of xerostomia for nine years. As the only drug approved to treat dry mouth, Salagen® built its brand on a strategy of condition awareness rather than brand differentiation.

Enter Evoxac, Salagen’s® first competitor. With a clinical profile similar to Salagen® and an aggressive sales force, Evoxac began to erode Salagen’s® market share soon after entering the market.

Leveraging the Psych-101 concept of Pavlov’s Dog that providers and pharmacists were already familiar with, we repositioned the brand as the trusted therapy while casting Evoxac as the unproven “new guy.” The “Pavlov’s Dog” campaign drove the message home with a provocative headline and recognizable imagery.

The campaign (and dog) became the star of journal advertising, sales collateral and even sales training programs. For the last two years of its branded life, Salagen® was able to stem the tide and maintain its market share against its rival Evoxac.