HCB Health LuxOR™ Branding

A microscope’s new view

Our unique visualization campaign turned an underdog into a big dog.

HCB Health introduced Alcon’s first microscope as a challenger in an established market by allowing surgeons to directly experience its superior visualization capabilities.

In 2012, Alcon acquired microscope manufacturer ENDURE Medical and its LuxOR™ Ophthalmic Microscope with ILLUMIN-I® technology. Despite the superior technology and true competitive advantages of the LuxOR™ microscope, Alcon was new to the microscope market — so our campaign needed to stand out from the competition, and Alcon needed to prove they were here to stay.

We launched a global campaign that brought the value of LuxOR™ to life — demonstrating “superior visualization” through the metaphor of a stunning X-ray of exotic flowers. The integrated campaign extended through a suite of tactics utilized around the world, including an iBook tool, sales aid, product catalog, and print and digital ads.

The LuxOR™ campaign has increased brand awareness and has helped boost interest in the product.