HCB Health EX-PRESS® Branding

Inspiring surgeons to update their outdated methods

We convinced surgeons that their surgical method is old-school to promote a 21st century solution for glaucoma.

Alcon acquired the EX-PRESS® glaucoma filtration device in 2010, and it was time to evolve the focus of its campaign in order to stay relevant and continue to see real results.

Surgeons weren’t particularly motivated to adopt EX-PRESS® versus the traditional filtration method — many had been using the same method since the 1960s. However, research showed that it was out of habit rather than an informed choice.

After conducting research to determine the major challenges facing adoption of the EX-PRESS® technology, we developed a new creative concept focused on optimizing flow dynamics in the filtration process. Our campaign included digital and traditional ads, an ePub and a sales aid with the provocative tagline, “The 1960s called. They want their filtration surgery back.”

The campaign went viral after one surgeon liked it so much that he posted a photo of himself next to the campaign graphic on Facebook, and pageviews to Alcon’s website increased by 28%.