HCB Health CitraNatal® Campaign

Bringing brand loyalty to the prenatal space

Giving moms the savings and content they want is key to keeping them on your therapy.

CitraNatal®, a prescription prenatal vitamin, led the pack in its category but needed help solving an all-too-common problem: adherence.

Research showed that the average length of time moms-to-be stayed on CitraNatal® was 2.2 months. They were inclined to switch to a generic or over-the-counter option after a few months.

We created Join the Family, an integrated loyalty program built around robust web content and continuous patient engagement. Our targeted print and digital advertising, a monthly email program, savings coupons, educational content and online patient engagement tools led to a significant shift in brand loyalty to CitraNatal®.

Join the Family increased the length of time moms-to-be spent on CitraNatal® therapy by 54% — from 2.2 months to 3.4 months — greatly exceeding expectations.