HCB Health CENTURION® Campaign

Launching a fully integrated campaign

We helped a leading vision care company with all facets of a global device launch.

In 2003, Alcon launched its INFINITI® Vision System, winning over cataract surgeons with its “intelligent phaco” approach. A decade later, Alcon was poised to launch the new, innovative CENTURION® Vision System in competition with its older product.

Alcon needed to prove that the CENTURION® Vision System had more than an incremental benefit over INFINITI® — that it was not just a technological evolution, but a revolution.

By first steeping ourselves in research to become experts on the new technology, we were able to position the brand so that surgeons could easily identify how CENTURION® would change their lives and those of their patients. Our integrated campaign included promotional tradeshow events, sales aids, journal ads, an interactive iBook and an immersive iPad sales application featuring virtual product demos and surgeon testimonials.

The product launch drove a 52% increase in phaco systems interest. Less than six months after launch, Alcon had sold 275 CENTURION® units, significantly exceeding the client’s expectations.