HCB Health Baxter Medication Delivery Campaign

Changing perceptions in hospital pharmacy

Making the customer the hero can position your brand as the solution the marketplace is looking for.

Baxter Medication Delivery offered a hospital products portfolio, service, education and experience that was unmatched in the industry, but no one knew about it.

The Baxter product line was so diverse that it lacked clear brand value in the eyes of its customers. Customers knew Baxter as a “catalog of products” rather than a helpful solution.

Based on market research, we positioned Baxter as the company that could free customers from constraints and empower them to find solutions. Through advertising, sales collateral and direct mail, customers were urged to “Break Free” and leverage Baxter to overcome their greatest challenges.

The launch event at the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists annual meeting featured an interactive charity activity that dominated the show floor and was a highlight of the event. For the first time in recent memory, Baxter achieved a consistent, branded image and message that was carried through its extensive product and service portfolio.