HCB Health Baxter BioPharma Campaign

Casting a company in a new light

We gave an established company a surprising new image in the outsourcing space.

Baxter Healthcare, known for their surgical products, IV solutions and generic drugs, had been synonymous with hospital products for decades. What they were not known for was pharmaceutical outsourcing — products and services sold to pharma companies that wanted to outsource the development or manufacturing of their drugs.

We needed to create a high-tech selling story for a company normally associated with low-tech products.

We created a campaign that clearly cast Baxter in a new light — a neon light, to be specific. The Connect to the Resources campaign used the concept of powerful icons to both define a new space for Baxter (the world of pharma development) and give them an unexpected new image.

Awareness of Baxter’s drug development and manufacturing offering grew among each of its customer groups.