HCB Health Alcon Consumer Engagement Campaign

Bringing lens power to the people

We give cataract patients the power to take control of their vision.

To increase awareness of and demand for Alcon’s advanced technology intraocular lens (ATIOL) offerings, HCB Health developed Alcon’s first direct-to-consumer campaign.

With the cataract market growing and competition from other ophthalmic device companies heating up, Alcon needed to educate cataract patients about the unique benefits of its advanced technology.

HCB created national print and digital ads to drive consumers to a dedicated website called Freedom From Cataracts where they can download a free Patient Information Kit, sign up for an informative newsletter, view patient testimonial videos and find an eye surgeon.

Patients flocked to FreedomFromCataracts.com to download their Patient Information Kit as well as opt-in to receive additional communications through EyeFile™, giving the client a new database of future patient candidates.