HCB Health Combating the Polarized Thinking Epidemic in Healthcare Marketing

Combating the Polarized Thinking Epidemic in Healthcare Marketing

Posted by James Hilton at 3:00 am, August 31

Al Topin, Strategic Consultant for HCB Health Chicago, offers a set of guidelines for applying common sense and courage to find marketing solutions without compromise in his recent article for PharmExec.com.


How do healthcare marketers choose solutions in an age where a surplus of both factual and fabricated support can be found for almost any opinion? According to Topin, choosing the right position on the polar spectrum works better than going with a diluting compromise.

Topin recommends that marketers with short-term goals (e.g., rushing to market) shift to a mindset of realistic, long-term success. In addition, he emphasizes the importance of keeping focused tactics without conforming to the directions other brands are taking.

“In the chaos of developing a launch, keeping things simple, focused and aligned is hard work.” Topin writes. “It takes discipline and courage to defend against the other side of the polarized spectrum that constantly adds more details and multiple directions.”

Read the full article here to learn more about Topin’s insights on how to depolarize situations to drive better marketing results as well as his suggestions for building strong agency relationships for brand success.

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