HCB Health Shifting Passive Viewership to Immersive Experiences in Video Marketing

Shifting Passive Viewership to Immersive Experiences in Video Marketing

Posted by James Hilton at 2:55 pm, July 20

According to our Chief Innovation Officer, Robert Palmer, Netflix’s new “story-gaming” strategy can inspire healthcare marketers to create immersive experiences in interactive video. His most recent feature article in PharmaLive looks at the potential these innovations can have to impact the future of healthcare marketing. 

What Healthcare Marketers Can Learn from Netflix

Healthcare brands face the challenge of creating successful online videos that stand apart from cluttered web content. This is why Palmer encourages healthcare marketers to learn new strategies from leading digital entertainment services like Netflix, to create better consumer interactions in video.

“It is a digital truism that the best experience a user has becomes his or her minimal expectation,” Palmer writes. “As the web becomes glutted with video content, the most engaging and immersive experiences will win.”

The article highlights suggestions for setting new standards in online video as Palmer looks at statistics on improving viewer engagement as well as tools for creating innovative, engaging content.

Read the full article here to learn more about innovation in interactive video and see particular examples for how it can be used in healthcare marketing.

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