HCB Health Engaging Patients and Clinicians with Augmented Reality

Engaging Patients and Clinicians with Augmented Reality

Posted by Tanya Mahr at 12:11 pm, June 22

Our new Chief Innovation Officer, Robert Palmer, is looking ahead at the rising possibilities of augmented reality and mobile healthcare marketing in his latest feature article in PharmaLive.

Mobile Healthcare Marketing: How Your Phone’s Camera Will Change Medical Marketing

Evaluating the Apple-Google AR technology race, Robert reports on upcoming iPhone 8 features and Google “Lens” technology that provide exciting opportunities for medical and pharma marketers. As the technology becomes integrated across multiple channels, AR’s potential to create unique engagement opportunities for healthcare consumers will be greatly expanded.

“Since better outcomes are largely dependent on better understanding of complex medical concepts and issues, patients and clinicians can reap the benefits that AR technologies can provide,” Robert writes.

Read the full article here to hear Robert’s insights on new developments in AR and see his call for pharmaceutical marketers to remain current on mobile technology.

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