HCB Health Localize to Turn a Good Campaign into a Blockbuster

Localize to Turn a Good Campaign into a Blockbuster

Posted by Sarah Hudgens at 3:49 pm, June 22

In her new feature article for PM360, HCB’s Associate Partner, EVP Integrated Services Kim Carpenter discusses best practices for localizing a marketing strategy in an increasingly global market. “In the face of this change, remember that today’s audiences are not homogenous—so your marketing can’t afford to be either. . . . localization is what differentiates a good campaign from a blockbuster.”

From doing the necessary legwork to understand local target audiences, to tapping into the power of social media, to continually optimizing performance, Kim provides concrete advice from an industry veteran. Read the full article here, and contact us if you want to learn how HCB can help you implement these tactics into your marketing strategy.

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