HCB Health On-Demand Healthcare: The Doctor Is In, Wherever You Are

On-Demand Healthcare: The Doctor Is In, Wherever You Are

Posted by Derek Peet at 8:07 am, February 15

On-demand healthcare is on the rise. Virtual doctor apps let patients take charge of their own health and avoid the waiting room with mHealth technology.

Whether you forgot to get your flu shot and are experiencing the repercussions or woke up with an unexplainable rash, on-demand healthcare apps are swooping in to ease your pain.

Apps like Pager and Doctor On Demand aim to make healthcare more accessible and affordable to the everyday American. Currently, 64% of American adults own smartphones. In the past year, 62% of those adults used their smartphones to research their health. Bringing healthcare on demand, these apps help patients feel better faster without sacrificing time.

Doctor On Demand gives users the ability to video chat with doctors about their symptoms, while Pager allows patients to stay in the comfort of their own homes by sending doctors directly to them. While each of these apps has its own unique features, their goal is the same: place healthcare in the hands of the patient.

The patient, however, is not the only one in mind. These apps provide healthcare professionals the flexibility of running their own businesses without the overhead or administration needed for a traditional brick and mortar.




Pager app

Pager gives patients access to a home visit within two hours. Through an exclusive partnership with Walgreens, the company aspires to cater to every patient need. Currently, this partnership allows patients ease of access to the prescriptions received through Pager visits. In the future, Pager and Walgreens hope to deliver other goods (such as chicken noodle soup) to their patients.

Pager is not the only app on the market offering house calls. However, it is the only telemedicine app developed by some of the same people who developed Uber. What this means for patients is a top-notch user experience. In order to minimize necessary patient interaction, Pager has mimicked Uber’s simple and streamlined user interface. Image source: Apple

Doctor On Demand

Doctor On Demand app


Doctor On Demand

Doctor On Demand is the only strictly video chatting service, but it is the leading telemedicine provider to date. Sign-up is easy, appointments are immediate, and the app offers a free first visit and discounts for referrals. Unique to Doctor On Demand is assistance to new mothers with regard to lactating and new baby issues. The app is also taking huge leaps in improving mental health by offering counseling via their service. Image source: Apple


The Future of On-Demand Health

Technological advances continually change the way we go about our daily lives, and telemedicine is no different. The industry is booming, and both patients and healthcare providers are benefiting. The future of medicine relies on the ease of access to on-demand healthcare. Because HCB Health specializes in developing apps that bring unique services to targeted populations, we can help you take advantage of this trend and reach a whole new level in your marketing. Contact us today to find out how.

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