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The 7 Best Medical Apps to Improve Patient Compliance

Posted by Sarah Hudgens at 5:14 pm, January 21

The doctor is in, and she recommends an app as part of your therapy. Apps can lead to better outcomes and — when associated with your brand — could increase use of your product. Make an app a part of your marketing budget. Yes, marketing!

Adherence to therapy through printouts — you remember, the good old days. Your doc would give you some fuzzy handout and you’d be expected to monitor your progress and follow along.

Only most of us didn’t, because there was no reminder. Nothing to hold us responsible, save for that follow-up meeting a couple weeks down the line.

The advent of mobile health makes it easier for patients to stay the course and communicate with physicians and caregivers, and for brands to help them achieve better outcomes. Without further adieu, here are the seven best medical apps — idea generators — that help improve therapy adherence.



Glooko app

Patient IO

No matter what therapy you need, Patient IO is a great start. It is 100% customizable, so the physician can create custom treatments. Plus, as a marketer, you can white label the platform and offer specific templates to your practitioners. HIPAA compliant communications between the doctor and patient (and approved caregivers) is built right in.



Of all the health concerns, diabetes seems to have the most available apps. Glooko’s high-rated system connects to all major devices, integrates food and lifestyle data, and allows for access to extend members of the caregiving team and communication with HCPs. It is amazing to witness in person. Image source: Apple.



Tummy Trends app

Tummy Trends

What if your company produced an Rx for IBS? And what if you built a branded system that didn’t necessarily push the Rx, but offered a digital solution for all IBS patients? Chances are people will find delight, and then ask about your therapy. Tummy Trends tracks symptoms, therapies, exercise, water, fiber and stress, plus has HCP sharing. Image source: Apple.



Immunizations is a touchy subject, but there is evidence-based and expert-reviewed information in ImmunizeCA that helps parents stay on track with routine vaccinations. Users received outbreak alerts, which gives them confidence in their decisions to move forward, and vaccination schedules/reminders to stay current with government guidelines.




Pregnancy Plus app

If the book What To Expect While You’re Expecting became an app, this would be it. Pregnancy+ tracks health information for soon-to-be mothers, doctor’s appointments, baby kick counts and baby scan images, and it provides daily information about the user’s pregnancy. It is also recommended by the U.K.’s National Health Service. Image source: Apple.



Without a doubt, one of the biggest factors of staying on treatment can be cost. With iPharmacy, patients can find the lowest price for their Rx, understand treatment options and get health tips contextual to their medicine use.


Mole Mapper

Skin cancer is the most common cancer of all, with 3.5 million cases diagnosed in the U.S. this year. When you visit your dermatologist, one of the exams includes measuring your moles. Mole Mapper helps you stay current between visits, with an easy interface that helps you use your device’s built-in components, like the camera, and everyday objects, like a coin. Image source: Apple.


Mole Mapper app



We recently published a similar article on patient satisfaction through apps. Please click through if you’re so inclined, or leave a comment below. You can also reach out if you’re interested in adding your idea to a future best medical apps list.








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