HCB Health Nine Health Sessions I’m Looking Forward to at SXSWh

Nine Health Sessions I’m Looking Forward to at SXSWh

Posted by Joe Doyle at 4:56 pm, March 2

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Seems like just yesterday the Twitter streams were filled with requests to vote for SXSW sessions. You could tell from the volume that this year was going to be big.

Now it’s here upon us and it’s time to fill the schedule. The new and improved #SXSWh hashtag and aggregator site is the perfect place to start – we’ve laid out all the health sessions for you. Plus all the South By Health tweets will end up here – ideal for friends who want to keep up but can’t make the trip.

So let’s get to it! Here are my nine SXSWh picks for 2012:

  1. Crowdsourcing a Revolution: Can We Fix Healthcare?
    We’re always looking for ways to help our clients change behavior. This description hooked me right away: “Hear how we can use challenges to fix healthcare, spur new business models, and avoid prize and app fatigue.”
  2. Social Media Cures Cancer and Speaks for Survivors
    Doug Ulman is the CEO of LIVESTRONG. I’m a fanboy for many reasons: He’s eloquent, approachable and I always get tremendous validation from his talks.
  3. Friending Pharma: Patients, Industry & New Media
    FDA. Social Media. Blah blah blah. Is there anything new? This panel caught my attention with its “exploration of ground rules of ‘friending’ big pharma.” Let’s hope it pays off.
  4. How STDs Can Be Good for Your Health
    I’m a social nut and post quite a bit, so I’m intrigued to learn how “the data you leave in your wake, every day, holds within it vast opportunity to predict and even improve personal and public health.” STDs = Socially Transmitted Data, what were you thinking?
  5. Designing Positive Daily Addictions
    Using apps to promote clean living isn’t new, but learning from others’ insights on what works and what doesn’t sounds like a winner to me.
  6. WARNING: Are Online Reviews Bad for Your Health?
    At least once a month I hear about a physician getting a bad review online and wanting to “permanently remove it.” That’s not the solution, and this panel will likely look at more than one side of the story.
  7. Are Wired Hospitals Losing the Patient Connection?
    As an agency that often pitches game-changing ideas for new patient experiences, we know that hospitals are getting smarter. This session promises to look at patient-doctor interaction and care delivery in a modern world. Paul Griffiths of MedTouch is a true innovator and I look forward to his vision.
  8. text4baby: The Power of Public-Private Partnership
    Apps. Apps. Apps. Not everyone has a smart phone, especially folks in under-served populations. This case study on how to help premature babies and their caregivers sounds awesome and enlightening. Plus Jen Benz is a Twitter superstar.
  9. Help, My Avatar Is Sick
    I really like evidence-based sessions. According to the description, “The panel will present actual data from use cases to suggest that virtual behavior crosses into behavior in the real world. The panel will also discuss how new mobile health devices are likely to contribute to the blending of virtual and real worlds.”

All sessions for health this year will be held at the amazing AT&T Conference Center. While it is definitely the most state-of-the-art building of all SXSWi, AT&T CC is a far walking distance from the main conference center. Plan ahead and stay on your transportation toes.

Social Health Startup Bootcamp will make your mind melt with tons of ideas from a cast of inspired leaders brought together by industry social health leader, Shwen Gwee. If you’re thinking about a new service launch, be sure to pop in throughout the day.

Last, don’t forget to add iH3 to your party list. It’s going to be an amazing mash-up of local tastes, music, the brightest healthcare innovators and fun activities. Did someone say Big Wheel Races? Aww yeah.

See you in Austin, y’all.

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