HCB Health Announcing the Official Relaunch of HCBHealth.com

Announcing the Official Relaunch of HCBHealth.com

Posted by Erika Reynolds at 10:05 am, December 8

Our clients receive transformative results. Our new online home shows how.

Over the last year, HCB Health has been evolving. We’ve refreshed our brand identity and moved our office into a new space.

We’ve transformed. With all of the change, our virtual home also needed a refresh. We turned to our own interactive team to develop a whole new experience that provides a fresh new take on what we do.

We’re proud to announce the launch of the new HCB Health website. From its bold design to its fluid navigation, it better reflects who we are and how we revolutionize our clients’ campaigns.

The new site employs advanced web technologies to create a continuous experience — optimized for modern browsers and tablet PCs. Our updated portfolio provides a window into our philosophy of multi-platform campaign integration. From our services to our reality-based marketing approach to social media, our site shows how we uncover our clients’ potential and make an impact.

Visit HCBHealth.com and let us know what you think of our new home online!

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    Great job, team HCB!

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