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Localize to Turn a Good Campaign into a Blockbuster

Posted by Sarah Hudgens at 3:49 pm, June 22

In her new feature article for PM360, HCB’s Associate Partner, EVP Integrated Services Kim Carpenter discusses best practices for localizing a marketing strategy in an increasingly global market. “In the face of this change, remember that today’s audiences are not homogenous—so your marketing can’t afford to be either. . . . localization is what differentiates a good campaign from a blockbuster.”

From doing the necessary legwork to understand local target audiences, to tapping into the power of social media, to continually optimizing performance, Kim provides concrete advice from an industry veteran. Read the full article here, and contact us if you want to learn how HCB can help you implement these tactics into your marketing strategy.

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Two Major Manny Award Nods for HCB

Posted by Sarah Hudgens at 4:57 pm, April 13

HCB Health had a banner year in 2015, and Med Ad News has recognized us with Agency of the Year Category III and Heart Award nominations.

CMO Nancy Beesley sums it up like this: “2015 was a record-breaker.” In a year when the agency is making bold new strides and celebrating an important anniversary, we couldn’t be more proud to be nominated for two Manny Awards. It’s an honor to have our recent successes recognized by our industry.

The Agency of the Year Category III award is given to the best small healthcare marketing agency, as determined by factors such as creative track record, management strength, financial performance, strategic thinking, account wins and losses, and ability to attract talent.

The Heart Award is “designed to recognize agency/networks’ social responsibilities and cultures that embody a high commitment to philanthropic and social causes.” We’re nominated this year for our partnership with AbelsonTaylor and JUICE Pharma Worldwide to produce an MIT HackMed Health Hack event at the 23rd annual South by Southwest Interactive Festival. The event attracted about 200 attendees and gave industry professionals, providers and patients a forum to create real solutions for living with chronic disease.

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Patients Win at the HCB Health and MIT #SXSHackMed SXSW Event

Posted by Sarah Hudgens at 9:25 am, February 22

Join HCB Health for three days of SXSW health and medtech at the MIT #SXSHackMed event, March 12-14, 2016.

HCB Health is proud to be partnering with MIT, AbelsonTaylor and JUICE Pharma Worldwide to host the HackMed Health Hack event at this year’s SXSW interactive festival. Part of the health and medtech track, this unique three-day event will focus on human-centric problem solving for patients with chronic diseases.

The HackMed Health Hack is focused on finding everyday solutions to chronic healthcare challenges. We’ll be bringing patients together with caregivers and healthcare innovators to generate new ideas and problem-solving strategies. Through this unprecedented access to lectures, discussion and some pretty heavy brainstorming, solutions will be found and startups will be born.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 5.13.19 PM

Join us for a weekend of knowledge and power:

SXSW Interactive
JW Marriott
110 E 2nd St
Austin, TX 78701

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HCB Is Turning 15!

Posted by Sarah Hudgens at 12:07 pm, February 17

It was 2001, the year Wikipedia revolutionized information sharing, the year the first Lord of the Rings movie came out, the year the Mars Odyssey reached Mars. The year HCB Health was born, kicking and screaming.

Fifteen years later, we’ve learned a lot, tottered through childhood and grown to nearly our full, lanky height. Like a rebellious teenager we are fiercely independent, but we deeply appreciate every step that got us here. Last year was our strongest year to date — and we expect to keep getting stronger.

This year we have some fresh, blemish-free faces on our leadership team. We’ve launched new strategy and consulting services. We’re hiring like crazy. And we’re committed to continually diving in, learning more and giving 100 percent to clients and staff.

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On-Demand Healthcare: The Doctor Is In, Wherever You Are

Posted by Derek Peet at 8:07 am, February 15

On-demand healthcare is on the rise. Virtual doctor apps let patients take charge of their own health and avoid the waiting room with mHealth technology.

Whether you forgot to get your flu shot and are experiencing the repercussions or woke up with an unexplainable rash, on-demand healthcare apps are swooping in to ease your pain.

Apps like Pager and Doctor On Demand aim to make healthcare more accessible and affordable to the everyday American. Currently, 64% of American adults own smartphones. In the past year, 62% of those adults used their smartphones to research their health. Bringing healthcare on demand, these apps help patients feel better faster without sacrificing time.

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The 7 Best Medical Apps to Improve Patient Compliance

Posted by Sarah Hudgens at 5:14 pm, January 21

The doctor is in, and she recommends an app as part of your therapy. Apps can lead to better outcomes and — when associated with your brand — could increase use of your product. Make an app a part of your marketing budget. Yes, marketing!

Adherence to therapy through printouts — you remember, the good old days. Your doc would give you some fuzzy handout and you’d be expected to monitor your progress and follow along.

Only most of us didn’t, because there was no reminder. Nothing to hold us responsible, save for that follow-up meeting a couple weeks down the line.

The advent of mobile health makes it easier for patients to stay the course and communicate with physicians and caregivers, and for brands to help them achieve better outcomes. Without further adieu, here are the seven best medical apps — idea generators — that help improve therapy adherence.



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Top Eight Metrics Your Healthcare Marketing Agency Should Be Sharing with You

Posted by Tanya Mahr at 10:39 am, November 4

When demonstrating marketing ROI to your organization, measurement is critical. Make sure you’re tracking these healthcare marketing metrics to gain insight into what’s truly making a difference or where you need to redirect efforts.
healthcare marketing agency metrics

Whether or not you’re a numbers nerd, you should at least be tracking a few key metrics in your marketing department beyond page views and Facebook likes. Not only can this give you regular insight into how digital assets are performing, but over time it can help you achieve the holy grail of marketing analytics — quantifying cost per lead.

We’ve broken out the top key marketing metrics by three states in the customer journey: Attraction, Consumption and Conversion. Review the following and check to see that your marketing reports include these measurements. If not, ask your healthcare marketing agency or internal marketing department why they don’t. And then start tracking them today.

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What’s Wrong with Your Medical Device Marketing Strategy?

Posted by Sarah Hudgens at 11:00 am, October 28

In her new feature article on PM360, HCB Health’s Executive Vice President Amy Dowell argues that making faulty assumptions is the reason much medical device marketing falls short. Knowing what assumptions to avoid is key to marketing success:imgres

“The best defense is a strong offense, so take some notes from other marketing organizations that have attempted to launch enviable brands and categories—and failed—before you step into the same trap of making false assumptions.”

Read the full article here to learn how to turn specific assumptions into marketing success. And contact us to discuss how we can help elevate your medical device marketing strategy.

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Patient Apps Provide Positive Impressions for Your Pharma Product

Posted by Joe Doyle at 1:44 pm, September 29


Pharma brands consistently try to find new ways to promote satisfaction. Has your brand evolved from a script-only business to a therapy solution using digital tactics? Here’s one way it can.


Do you ever rub your itchy eyes in the middle of the day after staring at a glowing screen? Maybe your optometrist asked you that same question in your last eye exam.

Chances are both of those hold true, especially if you are one of the 60.8% of adults who spend more than five hours on digital devices each day. But there are things you can do to prevent digital eye strain, such as using proper lighting, blinking more often and following the 20-20-20 rule.

An eye strain app? That sounds ideal for an ophthalmology drug.

TimeFor20, a new app from HCB Health, is designed to help facilitate the 20-20-20 rule of resting your eyes every 20 minutes by looking at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. We created it for the greater good, but the solution has legs for any pharma company with ophthalmic indications looking to ensure positive daily reinforcement of the brand.


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Social Success for Alzheimer’s Awareness

Posted by Sarah Hudgens at 10:00 am, September 17

Last year, the world watched as the ALS Ice Bucket challenge spread like wildfire as a result of social media. Though not quite as far-reaching, the unique “Alzheimer’s Event” campaign for Alzheimer Nederland, the Dutch Alzheimer’s Foundation, had similar viral success.

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