HCB Health Are You Going to SXSWi 2011? Here Are a Couple of Panels to Pick in 2010.

Are You Going to SXSWi 2011? Here Are a Couple of Panels to Pick in 2010.

Posted by Joe Doyle at 6:37 am, August 20

If you’re a healthcare marketer, then you might consider coming to SXSWi 2011. The reasons?

First, it was announced earlier this year that SXSWi (South By Southwest Interactive) was adding a health track. This one action alone defies the very notion that healthcare is years behind the rest of the world in digital technology. We have arrived!

OK, that’s a stretch. Truth is, SXSWi is 16 years old and this is the first attempt at an official health track. But I did mention in a MedAdNews article last April (fresh off the festival) that Healthcare Marketing at SXSWi was likely to grow in 2011. And it has.

The Panel Picker is open now through August 27th, 2010.

Second, you get to be a part of the process. Yes – your vote accounts for 30% of the panel picking formula and will help shape the curriculum. How cool is that?

Two members of the Interactive Team here at HC&B have panel offerings, and we’d greatly appreciate your support. Just click a title below and – if you find the panel will bring value – please give a “thumbs-up” vote and comment:

Beyond Bedside Manner: Content Strategy for Healthcare Clients
Tyler Womack
Brief: Look at the ins and outs of content strategy for healthcare clients and take a web project from kickoff to completion through techniques, hurdles, and quantifying success. Along the way, we’ll explore social marketing for the healthcare industry and finish off with tips on breaking into healthcare.

Healthcare Marketers Rejoice – IE6 is dead!
Joe Doyle
Brief: Once we have fun killing off IE6 (think paintball booth and moving target), you’ll walk away with ideas to pitch to your IT team to encourage new technology. We’ll show you the difference in capabilities between various web browsers, including some examples of what is to come with HTML 5 and CSS3.

We hope to see you in Austin next March. In fact, we might even sponsor an official event for healthcare marketers (more, soon). If you have event ideas or your own panel to push, the comment fields below would be a great place for them.

Thanks in advance for considering our panels. Voting ends August 27.

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